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Panther security screen sliding door

The difference between Panther Security and other security screen doors

While there are many other brands and options of security screen doors available, none have the distinctive features that distinguish the Panther MKIII range as one of the most powerful products on the domestic market. Here’s how they compare. The new standard in security doors and windows Panther Protect security doors and window security grilles…
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Two careful workers inspecting windows with shutter at workshop

The Benefits Of External Aluminium Louvres

The benefits of external aluminium louvres There are numerous benefits to having external aluminium louvres installed on your property. They are an excellent way to improve ventilation and airflow in your home or office, as well as provide protection from the elements and noise reduction. They can be outfitted with locks or security screens, which…
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Woman opening home curtains in urban condo

The Range Of Different Window Coverings For Sliding Doors

The range of different window coverings for sliding doors The indoor-outdoor lifestyle is a quintessential part of the Australian way of life. Glass doors are one of the most common ways to connect two living spaces, such as an outdoor patio and an indoor living area. This, however, can create issues when it comes to…
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interior photo of room blinds

Why you should consider a custom balcony awning for your property

Installing a custom-made balcony awning is a valuable investment whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, boost the value of your property or simply want a secure and attractive area for you and your family to enjoy. A balcony is one of the most often utilised aspects in any home; without suitable weather…
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