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The difference between Panther Security and other security screen doors

While there are many other brands and options of security screen doors available, none have the distinctive features that distinguish the Panther MKIII range as one of the most powerful products on the domestic market. Here’s how they compare.

The new standard in security doors and windows

Panther Protect security doors and window security grilles employ cutting-edge technology to set a new standard for home security. They are Australia’s only security screen with a triple lock, 5 locking points and advanced mesh retention design. The security screen mesh has been rigorously tested and exceed all relevant Australian Standards.

Unmatched design

When tested, Panther Protect achieved 20 times the impacts required for forced entry, effectively stopping even the most determined intruder. Counting all of the Australian Standards that Panther Protect completely blows out of the water with its innovative engineering design would take all day, but if you want to see them, you can do so here.

Unmatched value

Even with all of its features, Panther Protect strives to provide excellent value for money. Panther Protect is often less expensive than any comparable product, and not much more expensive than the lesser ‘security’ screens on the market.

Unmatched style

You might think that a product designed to be as secure as Fort Knox couldn’t possibly be appealing, but you’d be wrong. Panther Protect security doors and windows, with their elegant, modernist design, do not detract from the appearance of a building; rather, they enhance it! With Panther Protect, you can keep your home safe while also making it look great.

Superior strength

Unlike other doors on the market today, which weaken with each impact, the Panther Protect doors and windows tighten the “load locking leg” grips by jamming the mesh into the frame as the leg moves forwards under impact. This one-of-a-kind design strengthens with each impact, whereas other doors weaken with each impact. This enables the Panther Protect door to withstand 100 impacts, which is 20 times the requirement for meeting the Australian Standard for dynamic impact testing. The Australian Standard only requires 5 impact hits to pass the test, so the Panther door lasted 2000% longer than required.

Panther Protect security doors and windows are unique in their design. Using cutting-edge engineering technology to ensure that you pay less for a security solution that provides better performance and more dependable protection. Panther products provide benefits that leading competitors simply cannot match due to their innovative design.

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